Small House Design with Roof Deck & Pool | 2-Bedroom with 7,5 x 8 M

Small House Design with Roof Deck & Pool | 2-Bedroom with 7,5 x 8 M -- The small minimalist house has a minimalist style and good efficiency. This modern minimalist house is equipped with several areas that are used as the center of the house such as a garden, swimming pool, balcony for entertainment and a comfortable roof deck. So it is suitable for your small family where there is a simple design as well as easy maintenance. Here we explore together
Small House Design with Roof Deck & Pool | 2-Bedroom with 7,5 x 8 M.



The small house from the front has a beautiful aesthetic, on the left side of the room which is full of glass walls, the concept is elevated with a sloping roof. While on the right side there is a flat roof that functions as a fairly large roof deck surrounded by modern black iron fences. This house is equipped with a long swimming pool and fountains on its side, making a luxurious impression like the impression of a comfortable villa.


Right next to the balcony of the house are some comfortable lounge chairs to enjoy the pool and just drink tea with the family. The swimming pool is rectangular in shape with a water fountain on the wall, giving the impression of a luxurious villa. As a greening on the side of the swimming pool planted some lush plants can function as a natural fence on the house.

Roof Deck

On the second floor, a roof deck is built with comfortable chairs and tables to enjoy the beauty of the outside of the house at a height. From the roof, you can also see the beauty of the swimming pool downstairs, making this house look like a cozy villa. This family area makes the center of the house which can make the family feel at home in this residence.

Living Area

The entrance of the house is on the balcony next to the house, this serves to enter the house to enjoy the comfortable atmosphere near the swimming pool, a house that has an open space concept that connects 3 areas, namely the living room, dining & kitchen area. Living room with a warm concept combined with bright white tones. Minimal decorations only a few small decorations and a large flower painting on the wall.

Dining & Kitchen

The entrance is located in the center of the house right beside the dining table. This area is still connected to the living room which is quite spacious, the combination of white color and calm wooden furniture makes comfort like a luxury villa. In addition to the dining table near the kitchen set, there is a long bar table that facilitates family dining activities.

Floor Plan

Here is a floor plan that you can use as a reference for a unique small house. Although quite small in size but has good efficiency measuring 7.5 x 8 Meters has facilities such as a balcony, swimming pool, living area, dining & kitchen area, laundry area, 2 bedrooms, 1 toilet & bathroom and finally a comfortable roof deck. 

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Author  : Susi Yanti
Editor   : Munawaroh
Source :RS Arch Design

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