Modern 2-Storey House Design with Estimated Requirements -- 2-storey house design will be an interesting thing for small areas because vertical buildings will be more efficient for that problem. This time, we will provide 2-storey house design ideas with a modern style that you can use as a reference when building a house with a timeless look. For some ideas, check out Modern 2-Storey House Design with Estimated Requirements.

House facade design

The facade of this house is very popular because of its beautiful appearance with a simple and neat building structure but still presents an attractive and not monotonous finishing. The carport area also looks unique because it uses the roof deck as an open balcony so that by adding a few chairs it will make it a functional area.

Living room design idea

This would be an inspiration for a modern-style interior that cleverly combines colors and furniture designs. The partition is also made slightly open to provide fresh air but still serves to separate certain areas. It is also important to choose decorations that do not make the room look overwhelming.Use paintings on the walls or place plants around the sofa.

Dining area design idea

The dining area is also an attractive area if designed properly. You can use an elegant style design like this by adding a hanging lamp with a minimalist look but looks very powerful to be used as a decoration.In addition to the dining area, modern-style houses usually also have a small bar table that blends with the kitchen so that it will add a more contemporary and stylish impression.

Bedroom design idea

For the selection of bedroom designs, with a large size, it can not only be filled with a bed but can also be added with a work desk with several cabinets. Use soft colors for a room that feels soothing and seems to be able to provide a comfortable atmosphere while resting. Avoid excessive use of furniture and stick to the right arrangement so that the bedroom has comfortable access.

The details

This 2-storey house has the following details:

First floor
2 bedrooms main walk-in closet
Second bedrooms ensuite
Mini lounge
Ground floor
1 bedrooms main ensuite
Double garage
Materials Quantity
15 000 stock bricks
18m building and Plastering sand
22m concrete
Brickforce wire×36
Foundation plastic ×4
480 bags of Cements 50kg
7 doors and door frames(heavy duty)
1 sliding door
1 double door
(Window schedule optional)
2.100×1.500 windows ×2
2.100×1.800 window ×4
1.500×600 windows ×1
1.500×900 windows ×1
1.800×1.500 windows ×1
900×900 windows ×2
Lintels windows
2.4m ×6
2m ×1
2 Pillars with foot and header
Roofing tiles × 150
40Paralines 6.6m
40Rafters 6.6m
Door lintels
Slab materials
Polystyrene 30
Roof block 45
18m concrete ready mix
Staircase reinforce cubes×22

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Author  : Hafidza
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Source : Facebook & RG Sebastian Builders

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