Simple and Clean Design for Tiny House Ideas -- A house is a primary need that is important to have even with a small size because house prices are getting more expensive. The following is a small house design idea with a simple and clean style. You can imitate the design for a comfortable stay with your family.

House facade design

This house has a simple design with a thorough selection of black colors. The stilt house style is an attractive design so that the house remains sturdy and can reduce earthquake shocks. Don't forget to put a railing on the front porch to keep it safe.

Living room idea

Entering the inside of the house, there is a living room with neat arrangement and not excessive furniture. Among them are sofas and small tables, with some decorations on the walls. Additional windows are very important to make the room look brighter and more spacious.

Functional space

In the area around the living room, there is a small space that can be used as a dining table or work table. You can adjust it to your needs so that it continues to function optimally. Use matching styles to create a neat look.

Small kitchen idea

The smart idea for this kitchen is to take advantage of the empty space in the hallway. There is a wooden kitchen set combined with stainless material for some kitchen furniture. So that it's not stuffy, don't forget to add a cooker hood on the stove.

Bathroom idea

Even though it's small, this bathroom looks comfortable with white, which makes it look cleaner. This bathroom also has a partition so that water does not inundate other dry parts. Give a mirror for facilities and give a wider impression.

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Author  : Hafidza
Editor   : Munawaroh
Source : rrc.homeco

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