Back In Nature With Scandi Boho Interiors --  Feel the atmosphere of the house feels like returning to nature by designing a Scandinavian and Bohemian house. The combination of the two provides tranquility and peace. 
The dominance of environmentally furniture combined with the dominance of earth-tone colors will make you feel more at home.
We will share a review of back in nature with Scandi Boho interiors. Let's see the review!

Living room with earthy tone interior

Want to make the atmosphere of the room feel warmer? Try using a beautiful warm white interior. The Scandi Boho style living room offers an elegant and homey design.

 Maximizing natural lighting

Maximizing natural lighting in the room can help make the cramped view feel wider. Natural lighting is also one of the characteristic of a natural Scandinavian house.
Large glass windows allow better lighting and air circulation.

Bohemian rattan carpet

Create a more cozy atmosphere by adding carpet element. Rattan carpets offer a rustic and aesthetic look.

Suitable for use in charming Bohemian interiors.

Beautiful hanging plant

By adding plants indoors not only improves aesthetic beauty. But it also gives the atmosphere of a fresher room.

Vines or hanging plants in the bathroom look beautiful and charming. The greenery of the plant will make the atmosphere of the room more lively.

Functional wooden shelves

 Using wooden shelves can help you maximize storage. You can put wooden shelves on the walls to save available space. You can store various ornamental plants and other items neatly.

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Author : Hafsah
Editor : Munawaroh
Source : Instagram @interiorhome_design

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