6 Designs Classic Modern House with a Minimalist Flat Roof

HSDesain.com -- With the development of home design, classic houses are now also very harmonious when combined with modern styles. Slightly different, a classic modern house does not have to use a mansard roof full of details. Like the following 6 Designs Classic Modern House with a Minimalist Flat Roof that is still elegant and luxurious. Let's check this out!

Spacious Carport

Classic modern home designs usually also have a fairly large land size. With a large area of land, this modern house also has complete facilities. Like the spacious and wide carport, it can accommodate up to 2 cars and 1 motorcycle.

Wide Balcony

Besides a spacious carport, a modern classic house, especially with a 2-story model, will usually have a balcony. This house is equipped with a wide balcony. Minimalist design with transparent glass railing.

Curved Frame Design

Modern classic houses have a beautiful appearance. It is the same with this house, which looks charming with large glass windows. The curved frame is the highlight that makes this house more eye-catching.

Additional Wide Rooftop

Not only looks stylish and modern with a flat roof or boxy facade. This house is also equipped with a spacious rooftop at the top of the house. An open design without a roof, it can be a cozy place to relax.

Refreshing Mini Landscapes

It is incomplete if in a large yard, this house does not have a garden. The minimalist garden landscape looks neat even though the area is quite narrow. The tall fir tree becomes a highlight and makes the atmosphere more lively and refreshing.

High and Large Glass Window Model

One thing that makes a modern house so attractive is the glass window design. Usually modern houses have high and large glass window designs. Which brings freshness and makes the room brighter.

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