Most Exciting Small House Design Lately -- Designing a house well will certainly produce satisfaction when it is perfectly realized. Likewise for a small house, you can make it more awesome with this one design. Are you interested in our ideas this time? Check out Most Exciting Small House Design Lately.

Front view

On the front, the design of this house has an elegant appearance. The front part for the porch is elevated to provide a safe space especially if you live in a low-lying area prone to flooding, this will be an ideal house design. Around the railing is also equipped with a garden to give a fresher and cooler touch.

Side view

The sides have very interesting details. There is an additional side access door with a wall that is made to blend into the upstairs area, making it a nice and functional combination. The ash color dominates this side, making it look clean and timeless.

Side view

On the other side, which is not as tall as the previous one, the wall area has 3 windows that are very neatly displayed and slightly protruding. The ash color with a touch of brown will combine the overarching theme to make it more beautiful.

Roof design

One of the interesting designs of this house is the spacious and functional roof top. The higher area is used as access so that the stairs are inside the house and make it easier to get to the roof top. The additional railing surrounding the roof top is essential to keep it safe and private.

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Author  : Hafidza
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