7 x 11 M Modern House Design with 2-Storey & 4-Bedroom | Floor Plan Free

7 x 11 M Modern House Design with 2-Storey & 4-Bedroom | Floor Plan Free

HSDesain.com -- This house design has something different from other 2nd floor designs, this house is conceptualized by having a skylight roof, the range of light reaches the first and second floors. This serves to save the use of electricity and provide a beautiful atmosphere because it is equipped with several beautiful house plants, suitable for those of you who love flowers and plants because the house becomes cool and gives a different sensation from other homes. here it is 7 x 11 M Modern House Design with 2-Storey & 4-Bedroom | Floor Plan Free


The facade of this house has a minimalist look, minimal details and simple. The house is square with a balcony on the 2nd floor and a carport underneath. The house has a combination of concrete and glass that makes a minimalist modern impression. The roof has a skylight concept that is able to provide natural light evenly in the house.

Living Area

Turning to the interior design of the house that makes you amazed, the house looks beautiful, cool and clean. The view is by the skylight roof right below the stairs, which is added to the stairs with a small garden containing flowers and other plants, in addition to hanging plants as greenery in the house. This living room only has a long sofa and a television shelf as a partition for the dining table.

Dining Area

Behind the television rack is a beautiful wooden dining table, the table is decorated with a long lamp right on the table coupled with hanging plants that make the atmosphere beautiful and cool in the eyes. This makes the activities in the house like a beautiful rural atmosphere. The area is added with a large glass window to the end of the kitchen, so that the activities in the house are airy and perfectly lit.

Master Bedroom

The main room on the second floor is equipped with balcony facilities, so you can optimize the resting area on the balcony comfortably. The area is partitioned off from the balcony by a glass door with curtains and a neat, minimalist look. The decor and color palette are matched so that the room looks elegant.

Floor Plan 

This is the floor plan you need to realize a bright and beautiful second floor dream home. This house is designed by maximizing the area and facilities that can save electricity usage and the right decoration. This 7 x 11 meter house has the following facilities

  ⁕ Ground Floor
       - Living Area
       - Dining Area
       - Kitchen Area
       - 1 Bedroom
       - 1 Bathroom
       - Laundry Area


⁕ First Floor
       - 3 Bedroom
       - 2 Bathroom
       - Balcony
That's the  7 x 11 M Modern House Design with 2-Storey & 4-Bedroom | Floor Plan Free. Hope you like it!

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Author  : Susi Yanti
Editor   : Munawaroh
Source : Tiny House Design

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