4-Bedroom Bungalow House Design Idea only 99 Sqm with Floor Plan


4-Bedroom Bungalow House Design Idea only 99 Sqm with Floor Plan

HSDesain.com -- Building a residence is not only a matter of land, but how to be able to utilize it as needed. In addition to the function of shelter, a house also needs a beautiful aesthetic to make residents feel at home and comfortable. Lovers of bungalow times don't worry because HSDesain.com will present a design with a simple yet elegant look. This warm bungalow house atmosphere will amaze you with elegance and comfort. Let's explore together 4-Bedroom Bungalow House Design Idea only 99 Sqm with Floor Plan


The exterior of this house is enlightening, the color palette of white plus cream on the wood provides a suitable blend. The house has a triangular roof facing the front, on one side flat above the porch, the top also has a chimney. This bungalow is a typical European era combination.

Living Area

Moving on to the interior of the house, the living room features a fireplace topped with a television. The combination of light and muted colors makes for an elegant European and bungalow edition look. The decoration part has a detailed and prominent look that gives a beautiful classic impression.

Dining & Kitchen Area

Separated from the living room, this area consists of the dining table and kitchen. The elegance of the kitchen can be felt from the selection of the chandelier and the placement of the kitchen set which is typical of bungalows. Although dominated by white, some colors are produced from warm wooden furniture. In addition, natural light is provided by a simple window so that it can help air circulation.

Master Bedroom

A cozy and relaxing Master Bedroom, the theme-matched décor gives it a beautiful elegant look. Each side of the bed has a small shelf and an aesthetic wall lamp. The centerpiece is a beautiful memorial painting. Natural lighting is made wider which serves to circulate good air throughout the room.

Floor Plan

This bungalow house offers extraordinary elegance and comfort, the house is dominated by white and warm colors on the furniture matching each other to make residents comfortable in every room. The house which has an area of 99 Sqm has facilities:

4 Bedrooms
2 Toilet & Bath
Living Area
Dining Area
Study Space
Laundry Area
That's the  4-Bedroom Bungalow House Design  Idea only 99 Sqm with Floor Plan. Hope you like it!

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Author  : Susi Yanti
Editor   : Munawaroh
Source : D' House of Art

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