Two-storey Modern House Design 7 x 10 Meters with 4 Bedrooms and Cozy Roofdeck

Two-storey Modern House Design 7 x 10 Meters with 4 Bedrooms -- You might be looking for home design ideas for a 7x10 meter lot. The following house design offers an elegant modern side to the look, and a practical layout. By having 2 floors, this house can have up to 4 bedrooms without sacrificing the look. Let's check out the details below!

Modern Design

Modern Design

Using a modern style that is elegant and charming, this facade appears so attractive with its 2nd floor building. The building lines are soft yet strong with lots of windows to create a cooler atmosphere. The choice of soft colors also gives a clean impression. This bungalow house has a spacious terrace, with additional eye-catching secondary skins.

Cozy Roofdeck


This house was made into 2 floors to gain additional space. Even this house also has a roofdeck as a comfortable relaxing place for your family. From here we can also see the sloping roof design used. Simple design, but made in layers to give a strong impression to the visual facade of your home.

Floor Plan

Ground Floor Plan

This is a simple floor plan of this 2-story house. It has a fairly small land size only 7x10meters, but the design can make the most of it. A neat design, with detailed house features as shown above. 

Second Floor Plan

As for the estimated cost, this house will require approximately Php 3.2M+ to Php 3.5M+ for standard finishing only. Of course, this cost range can vary depending on many factors, such as where your area is, the price of materials, laborers' wages, construction duration, and so on. So, please consult with the experts!

Living Room Ideas

Living Room

This living room has large windows on the sides, which makes the room feel bright and cozy. It is equipped with a soft sofa with comfortable armrests. In front of it is a led TV with a multifunctional backdrop, which has an open shelf and also a tv table with drawers.

Dining Room Ideas

Dining Room

The dining area is equipped with a wooden dining table set with a total of 8 chairs, suitable for medium-sized families. The design is minimalist, with beautiful modern decorations. In the corner of the room, there is a wine storage rack. will always share you the latest Home Design Pictures ideas and Garden Ideas. So, what are you waiting for, enjoy the new inspiring ideas on

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