4-Bedroom Bungalow House Design Idea only 19 x 16 Meters

4-Bedroom Bungalow House Design Idea only 19 x 16 Meters

HSDesain.com -- This bungalow house has quite a lot of space, this house is suitable for those of you who have intovert family conditions where each room can be used as a partition for various other interior functions. In addition to the privacy function of home design, many rooms of the house become quiet, maximize the use of electric light, look neat and still display an aesthetic impression. here we see together 4-Bedroom Bungalow House Design Idea only 19 x 16 Meters




The front view of the house which is dominated by white color with a little gray pattern gives a simple impression because there are not many details. The house has a triangular roof and has a large glass window so that even though it has a lot of space it is still bright with natural lighting. As greenery, a garden is placed around the house so that the house becomes more beautiful and cool.

Living Area

Entering the house is greeted with a living room with stunning decorations, in the corner of the room there is a cupboard shelf that forms a triangle as a storage area for beautiful small decorations. The installation of curtains that rise to the roof serves to make the impression of a higher and tidier room. From the overall furniture and decoration of this room is a comfortable classic style.

Master Bedroom

A room with ample space is made to look like a luxurious room in a castil. Equipped with a magnificent chandelier, a chair near the luxurious master bed. This room is also equipped with natural lighting windows so even though it is spacious, it can still save electricity expenses for lights. The placement of the dressing table near the window is just right so that it can provide good light when looking in the mirror.


This kitchen has a fairly large area too which can accommodate a kitchen set with the letter u in the middle of which a permanent table is placed which is used for baking, slicing kitchen ingredients and underneath it is equipped with ample storage. A spacious kitchen set can make the kitchen tidier without having to have a warehouse because it is neatly stored on various shelves.

That's the  4-Bedroom Bungalow House Design Idea only 19 x 16 Meters. Hope you like it!

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Author  : Susi Yanti
Editor   : Munawaroh
Source : Ripple Design

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