3-Bedroom Cozy Bungalow House Design with 90 Sqm | Warm House

 3-Bedroom Cozy Bungalow House Design with 90 Sqm | Warm House


HSDesain.com -- Modern bungalow houses are still among the favorite dream houses of 2024. Ideally for those of you who have a large family, a house that has a concept that is comfortable and warm to the eye. Despite its size, this design has a lot of space that is well utilized. This is the 3-Bedroom Cozy Bungalow House Design with 90 Sqm | Warm House


The bungalow house cannot be separated from elegant natural materials, the dominance of cream color and ceramic accents of natural stone patterns are able to give a warm and calming impression when viewed. This bungalow house has a triangular roof and a flat top carport. The selection of small rectangular glass windows makes the facade uniform with the door style which makes a neat and elegant impression on this house.

Living Area

Entering the house is greeted with a fairly spacious living room, still with a warm concept because in addition to the brown natural stone patterned ceramic walls, this area uses wooden sofa furniture that is comfortable with the sofa. In addition to the dominance of cream color lighting on the side of the plafon makes a comfortable light without disturbing the eyes. The installation of white wooden blocks on the television serves to give a neat impression, which is a place to hide cables and attach the television so that it is not directly attached to the wall which can damage the wall.

Dining & Kitchen Area

This area also has a warm theme dominated by cream color and elegant brown wooden furniture. Not only that, the selection of a calm kitchen set and uniform roof lights that make this area neat and elegant. This area is beautified with a large painting that is able to make this area lively.

Master Bedroom


The use of fine wooden furniture is elegant and gives a classic modern impression, although maintenance is quite difficult but this house is equipped with glass windows that are able to provide good lighting and air circulation so as not to cause excessive humidity.



That's the  3-Bedroom Cozy Bungalow House Design with 90 Sqm | Warm House. Hope you like it!

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Author  : Susi Yanti
Editor   : Munawaroh
Source : Render Hub


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