The Best 2-Storey Modern House Design Makes You Amazed


The Best 2-Storey Modern House Design Makes You Amazed -- A two-storey house is a dream for many people. Apart from being able to provide more space to support the activities of each family member, multi-storey houses are also often considered more luxurious, and it is not uncommon to associate them with the social and economic status of the owner. Another thing about the benefits of a 2nd floor house is that it has a lot of space that brings privacy to each family member. Here we see immediately The Best 2-Storey Modern House Design Makes You Amazed

Using a Flat Roof

This design features a neat flat roof and has a minimalist impression, this house forms a square that is equipped with a spacious and beautiful balcony. The wood material accents that line the walls make the house look warm while providing tranquility. The balcony, which is accompanied by a glass fence, functions to make the house look more beautiful and spacious. This house emphasizes the appearance of straight lines such as the water line, stairs, windows and wood coating which makes its own assertiveness on the facade.

Elevated Model

You can feel the comfort of this stunning house from the facade, although it has 2 floors but there is a basement that is used as a carport, so heading to the 1st floor up the stairs. The house has an elevated model that provides extraordinary elegance, it appears on the 2nd floor there is a balcony with a glass fence equipped with several beautiful ornamental plants. This house has a partial skylight roof that is able to provide maximum sunlight throughout the house.

Modern House Design

This almost glass-filled front view has a distinctively modern look, using warmer lighting to create a luxurious and modern look. The roof has a prominent shape that serves as additional lighting. This house, which is suitable for young couples, will facilitate you in all activities while making you more relaxed.

Luxury House Design

The house has a pyramid roof with a stunning appearance, the front has a calm color tone and matches every combination. It has a striped shape that gives a firm and strong appearance. On the 2nd floor there is a balcony with a glass fence, this not only gives a luxurious look but also makes the facade wider.

Industrial Model

This house has a beautiful triangular and sloping roof, a combination of shapes that makes for a modern look. The front part uses a lot of glass as doors and windows. The second floor has a separate balcony, giving each family privacy while enjoying the outdoors.
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