Relaxing Small House Design with 6,5 x 7, 5 M | 2-Bedroom

Relaxing Small House Design with 6,5 x 7, 5 M | 2-Bedroom -- A house idea with a calming atmosphere while providing a warm look on the facade of the house. This house is suitable for those of you who have a small family or young millennial couples, with rooms that are used efficiently both making the house useful until the future. Here is a house with an elegant and comfortable look Relaxing Small House Design with 6.5 x 7, 5 M | 2-Bedroom


My house is my paradise, the appearance of the facade of this house illustrates the beautiful tranquility and comfort, in addition to the warm and calm feel of this house is beautified by several flower plants that surround the facade of the house so that it becomes cool and beautiful. The roof is triangular and the top of the porch is flat, the porch has a large area and forms the letter L and each side is installed with elongated chairs, this is in addition to the function of seating as a guardrail. The facade wall is installed with a layer of wood that is calm in color, making the house look warm and elegant.

Living Area  

The living room is the first time entering the house which has sliding glass doors, the door is installed with white and gray double curtains that are installed soaring to the roof, this serves to make it look neat and make the roof higher. The middle part is placed with a table and soft cream-colored sofa that matches the floor which provides a beautiful aesthetic. Added decoration of book storage shelves and beautiful natural paintings.

Dining & Kitchen Area

This area is still in the same room as the living room, a warm feel can be felt from the selection of colored furniture that matches the floor and other decorations. In addition, the selection of doors that use glass that provides natural lighting and provides good air circulation in the house evenly, even so still added folding curtains that function as privacy in the house. The table is made of wood whose bottom forms an elongated round coated with wallpaper which gives luxury to the kitchen area.  

Master Bedroom  

This master bedroom is not very spacious but it is enough and roomy to place a bed, shelves for decorations to store books and wardrobe. Despite being in a narrow room, the choice of decorations and colors does not make the room cramped or stuffy, the installation of glass windows also helps make the room look spacious while facilitating air circulation. This room emphasizes a warm atmosphere because some of the walls are installed with cream-colored wallpaper that is beautiful and comfortable to the eye.

Floor Plan

Ini dia denah rumah kecil yang menampilkan kesan hangat dan menenangkan, ide desain yang cocok bagi anda pasangan muda, maupun generasi zaman gen Z. Rumah yang berukuran hanya 6,5 x 7,5 meter memiliki fasilitas:

- Living Area
- Dining Area
- Kitchen Area
- 2 Bedroom
- 1 Bathroom
- Laundry area
- Balcony (Entertainment area)

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Author  : Susi Yanti
Editor   : Munawaroh
Source : Tiny house design

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