Modern House Design 11.5 X 7.5 Meters with 2 Bedrooms and Swimming Pool

Modern House Design 11.5 X 7.5 Meters with 2 Bedrooms and Swimming Pool -- The following 11.5 x 7.5 meter modern house design presents an attractive appearance as well as a neat and effective house plan. With 2 bedrooms, this house is perfect for your small family. If you're looking for a home design reference, this Modern House Design 11.5 X 7.5 Meters with 2 Bedrooms and Swimming Pool could be an interesting idea! Let's check the details below!

Facade Design

Facade Design

Charming look that will steal your attention at first sight! A modern box facade model, with various ornaments and elegant light arrangements. Many large windows make this house more airy. The spacious terrace is a cozy place to relax. There is even a small swimming pool for chillin'.

Living Room Ideas

Living Room

With the available space, it is necessary to adjust the size of each room so that it still feels convenient. Although it looks small, this living room still feels cozy with this long 3 seater sofa. This room also has good lighting and minimalist interior design so it doesn't feel stuffy.

Dining and Kitchen Area

Dining and Kitchen Area

A practical and effective design, the kitchen makes the most of the corner of the room with its kitchen set. Then the center area is used as a small dining room, with a round table set and 4 comfortable chairs. Perfect for small families.

Bedroom Ideas


Prioritizing comfort in a small space, this bedroom looks inviting with its elegant modern minimalist interior style. The room is painted white to give it a spacious look. The left and right sides of the bed look good with 2 vertical windows.

Floor Plan

Floor Plan

House features:

- 2 Bedroom

- 2 toilet and bath

- Living Area

- Dining Area

- Porch/lanai

- Laundry Area

For the estimated cost, a house like this would require approximately Php 2.6M+ to Php 2.8M+ for standard finishing only. Of course, prices can vary due to many factors, especially where you live. So please consult with the experts!

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Author  : Rieka

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