Stylish Ideas for Mezzanine House Design to Amaze You

 HSdesain.comThe concept of this mezzanine house is very helpful for those who have small and limited land the addition of space, will give you extra room and occupancy that feels spacious. The mezzanine concept itself is a part of the house that has a separate area at the top but is still connected to the main room on the lower floor. Let's look at the review below for details of a minimalist mezzanine house.

Exterior design

The gable roof model that adorns this two-story mezzanine house looks slick and matching. The appearance of natural material, namely wood, makes the dwelling feel eye-catching. Equipped with large enough windows, the house has good lighting.

Interior looks

The interior of this mezzanine house applies an open concept. This will provide a comfortable residential accent and look more spacious. The living room area which is one room with a kitchen and without partitions looks neat and has a good arrangement.

Living room

The living room located after the entrance has a minimalist design. Sofa-facing TV, the middle area can be used as a walking area. The interior design of the room is brightly colored and combined with a wide enough window to make the room have a comfortable atmosphere and an amazing outdoor view.

Kitchen area

The kitchen at the end of the room is designed using a linear table. There is a dining table before entering the kitchen, and this dining table can be used as an indirect barrier between the kitchen area and the living room.

Add extra lights to the kitchen area so that it doesn't look gloomy due to lack of lighting. Especially with its location at the end of the room, it allows the kitchen to have darker conditions than other rooms.

Bedroom design

Located on the second floor, this bedroom also has a minimalist workspace area. The location of the workspace desk facing this window certainly makes your learning or work activities more optimal. Don't forget to make a bench next to the workspace table that can be used as a place to relax.

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