8 x 11 Meter Warm Small House Design | 3 Bedroom & Bathroom


 8 x 11 Meter Warm Small House Design | 3 Bedroom & Bathroom


HSDesain.com -- Small house design is the choice of some people, a minimalist design while giving a warm impression, this design is guaranteed to be a family favorite. The minimalist space area makes each space airy and spacious, even though it is spacious but each room is equipped with natural lighting glass windows so as to make the house look maximally bright which is enabled to save electricity usage. We see together 8 x 11 Meter Warm Small House Design | 3 Bedroom & Bathroom.


House design with calm and beautiful exterior colors, this house is called a warm house because it exudes an elegant color side from the soft cream paint. This house has a triangular roof that overlaps each other and a flat roof in the carport area, the appearance of this facade is enhanced by glass windows, one of which is the curved top which functions as natural lighting in the house so that it can be evenly distributed. On the porch side, a white fence is placed and each end of the stairs is given a plant as greenery.

Living Area

An open space that connects the living, dining and kitchen areas. This living room is placed with a gray sofa facing the dining area and kitchen which is separated by a small television rack. This area has a stunning chandelier that in addition to providing lighting adds to the impression of elegance, on each wall there is a fairly wide glass window along with curtains that are installed into the curtain cover tool which makes a neat and minimalist impression.

Dining & Kitchen Area

Small minimalist kitchen but the dominance of clean and beautiful white colors, the combination of paint colors and bright kitchen sets makes the house look bright, the selection of dining chairs in uniform with other furniture such as sofas and curtains this makes the house look consistent and warm to the eye. Right above the dining table is beautified with a classic hanging lamp so that the combination is right for a small minimalist home.



The cozy house has a comfortable and clean bathroom, on the right side is a sink with round glass equipped with a calm led light, next to it is a simple minimalist toilet which above it is a small shelf for air freshener. Then in the area of the shower area in a high glass partition that has a red brick wall this makes the wall durable as well as not easily look dirty.


Floor Plan

Here is a floor plan that you can make your dream home reference, small home considerations will be important but this design gives the impression of relief because it uses a minimalist style while having a warm impression. this small warm house measuring 8 x 11 meters has facilities such as: 2 Carparking, Living area, dining area. kitchen area, laundry area, 3 bedrooms & 3 bathrooms. 



That's the   8 x 11 Meter Warm Small House Design | 3 Bedroom & Bathroom. Hope you like it!

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Author  : Susi Yanti
Editor   : Munawaroh
Source : 7N Designs  


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