Modern House Design Idea - 90,35sqm (10,2 x 11m) 3-Bedrooms


Modern House Design Idea - 90,35sqm (10,2 x 11m) 3-Bedrooms -- A modern and minimalist home with a beautiful grey and white theme. this 10.2 x 11 meter house has a bahay house concept, made with a modern version. the interior selection also makes this house elegant. here are three bedroom ideas modern home design.


Grey house design is a favourite for designers, because it is a luxurious and soft colour. seen in front there is a black iron fence in front of the terrace and on the side of the stairs entering the house. this house is a combination of 3 beautiful black, white and grey colours. one roof is slightly sloping and the other is flat making the house look elegant.


Living Room



The combination of this family room is gold, brown and white. on the side of the wall there are several wall panels making home accents from embossed. there is a luxurious chandelier in the middle. on the side of the room there is a minimalist sofa beautified by aloe vera plants that are good for air circulation in the house. on the other side there is a 4-seater dining table equipped with a vase of flowers in the middle of the table and several beautiful paintings.





Beautiful kitchen added mini bar functioned as a place to chat casually with friends or couples. next to it there is a wine bottle rack and above it there are 3 interesting chandeliers. white brown kitchen set makes the kitchen feel clean. 


Floor Plan Design

Modern minimalist house can be your choice who wants to have a modern and minimalist house, this house is suitable for married couples there are several facilities House Features:
- 3 Bedroom
- 3 Toilet & Bath
- Living Area
- Dining Area
- Kitchen
- Mini Bar
- Porch
- 10.2 x 11 Meter
- 90.35 sqm Total Floor Area


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Author   : Susi Yanti

Editor    : Munawaroh

Source  :Purma House


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