6 Dining Room You're Obsessed With


HSDesain.com -- The dining room plays an important role in any home. This area allows you and your family to eat together. Not only for eating, it can also be a space for you and your family to talk about what happened in the day. The dining room can look so warm and casual based on your taste. Maybe one of these following designs can be your inspiration to build your own dining room.

Warm tone

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This dining room has a warm tone; from the chair to the window, it is the definition of a comfortable zone to eat. If you are a plant lover, you can put a living plant in the corner of the room to make it fresher.

Turquoise detail

April Oh

The best way to enjoy a meal with family is to make sure your family feels accompanied by setting a dining table as close as you can without feeling bothered. This design is dominated by turquoise and white colors. Adding some plants is such a good idea.

Wood materials dominated

Patti Wagner

This simple room, designed by Patti Wagner, combines wood materials with softly complementary furniture. These casual materials make it feel family-friendly and still make a good impression.

Don't forget to have fun


If your space is large enough, you can put some different styles on the chair to make it more varied. Think about the rug beyond the table; it will make the room more enjoyable.

Make it more intimate

the architect diary

Consider creating a spacious dining room with the best view from the outside. Fresh air and wood materials dominate and are not afraid to make rooms feel homier. Eating with a big family is not boring anymore.

Shake things up with mustard color

Apartment Therapy

With plenty of mustard chairs, a modern hanging lamp, and a big window, this dining room from Apartment Therapy strikes the perfect balance of elegance and chic style. Some plants are succeeding in making this room more fresh.

So, thats 6 Dining Room You're Obsessed With, perhaps it can your inspirations to make your own dining room.

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