7 Small Living Room Ideas for Maximum Space & Style

7 Small Living Room Ideas for Maximum Space & Style

 HSDesain.com --  For those of you who have a small house and need a beautiful and comfortable living room with a small area. Here are 7 Small Living Room Ideas for Maximum Space & Style for your living room to make it more comfortable.

Let the light in


First, a living room that has a small space can be filled with a sofa with a small table and also a TV on the wall. You can also put a large window in this room to make it look wider. The selection of soft colors is also a good idea.

Put a plant
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In this narrow area you can also place several sofas, chairs and tables. You can also place live plants on the side next to the sofa. You can choose smelly gray and green colors and mix and match according to your taste.

Keep it cozy

Looks Like Happy

Has a tiny size, this living room looks more spacious because of its elongated shape. Putting a lot of sofas for gathering places is the right idea to fill the room. A window can still be made for this room. 

Refreshing colors

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This room is dominated by mustard and white colors. The wall that is a place to store decorations become point of aesthetic in this room. You can customize your favorite decoration. Large windows make more sunlight enter the room and make the room wider.

Monochrome style

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Black and white is the theme for this room. This design might be suitable for you monochrome lovers. Putting a medium sofa, table and TV can be done in this tiny room. Monochrome colors make the room look spacious and comfortable

 Play with neutrals

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Having a taste for pastel color, maybe this design is suitable for you. With wooden floors and covered by rug, the room feels warmer. A medium-sized white sofa is complemented by a table and some furniture. The sunlight through the window is the main point in this room.

Earthy hues


The last design has a simple and warm impression. This room uses earth tone colors. Choosing furniture with matching colors is the right idea to fill this room. You can also customize it with your taste.

That's some ideas for bedrooms that might be a reference for your bedroom. hopefully this article helps you.

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