Minimalist House Interior that Have Smart Design -- A cozy home is not always spacious and luxurious. Even a small house with the right design and decoration will bring a beautiful look and provide a cozy atmosphere. For small house ideas with a minimalist style that you can replicate the concept, check out Minimalist House Interiors that Have Smart Design.

Living room idea

Despite applying a minimalist style to its interior, this living room still looks attractive with its wall decorations. The choice of sofa design with bright colors also makes the atmosphere more lively in this small living room. For a refreshing touch, there are also plants placed in the corner of the room.

Family room idea

The next area is the living room. The spacious look is still put to good use using a selection of soft and simple colors. The arrangement of the television on the staircase wall is also an idea that makes this room feel more spacious and neat.

In this area there is also a small bathroom located under the stairs, so that the owner still does not miss the family's favorite show when he wants to go to the bathroom though.

Small space under stairs

The presence of this under-stair area is also well-utilized by the owner as a cozy and quiet relaxing area. This area is perfect if you want to spend time alone while reading your favorite book.

Kitchen idea

This attractive kitchen design will make the owner happy to move. The selection of kitchen sets that are simple and have colors that match the surrounding interior, can make this minimalist style spread well in every corner. In addition to the kitchen, there is also a small dining table that makes it easier for you to prepare food more efficiently.

Mezzanine bedroom

The last area that attracts attention is the bedroom. This bedroom has a mezzanine design that will make the room feel more functional. The right color selection also contributes to a more spacious effect and better light distribution. You can make the upper area as a workspace or just a relaxing area.

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Author : Hafidza
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