7 Succulent Types That Have Elegant White Appearance


Hsdesain.com - Plants like cactus are great for improving air quality. They can absorb carbon dioxide and release fresh oxygen, which ultimately helps keep the air clean. Cactus also reduce formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, and xylene levels in your home and increase CO2 levels. Cactus have the benefit of cleaning the air when placed indoors. Cactus are able to absorb pollutants or carbon compounds (volatile organic compounds / VOCs) in the air that can interfere with human health. For that there is no harm if you apply a cactus in your home. There are so many types of cactus from colors, shapes, flowers, etc. We are here to discuss about 7 Succulent Types That Have Elegant White Appearance


1. Senecio Haworthii

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This cactus has a unique slightly tapered shape with a pale white color. This plant has a fairly easy care you can put this type of cactus in the house by watering it about once every 3 days. You can use pots of elongated size with stone decoration as a beautiful additional decor.

2. Cephalocereus Senilis

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Cactus are beautiful if used for decorating a garden. This cactus usually grows in the mountains with a characteristic clean white long rambut up to 12 cm long. For the treatment of this cactus then you can pay attention to the air around the room should be around 32-42 celcius.

3. Euphorbia Lactea

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A succulent plant native to the tropics of India and Sri Lanka. Cactus plants that can grow up to a maximum height of 5 meters. This cactus is very interesting in terms of color and shape with characteristics such as white coral.

4. Euphorbia Polygona

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This succulent has a unique shape with thorns and white dominance on all parts of the stem. This succulent plant is suitable if you place it in the house because it will certainly add a beautiful decoration in the room. You can use a pot of suitable size and plus rocks that can bind the roots.

5. Mammillaria Plumosa

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The next White succulent plant is Mammillaria Plumosa. This succulent plant has a characteristic white thorn shape that is soft like a feather. This succulent plant juiga has beautiful white flowers when it blooms. So it looks legan and beautiful if placed in the room.

6. Oreocereus Celsianus

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This succulent plant with characteristic thorns and white feathers makes the look more elegant. You can put it in the room of your house. The Thorns of this succulent plant are quite sharp so you should pay attention to where to put them. You can also choose a pot with clay or ceramic material in accordance with the theme of your home.
7. Rebutia Muscula 

Succulent plants that have beautiful orange flowers are a must have in the House. Succulent plants with white color and sharp thorns have beautiful flowers with bright orange color. This plant has a fairly easy care you need to pay attention to the soil moisture of this plant.

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