7 Beautiful and Easy To Grow Indoor Cactus Plants


Hsdesain.com - Cactus is one of the plants that have a beautiful and unique appearance. Cactus also has easy maintenance so it is suitable if used as decoration in the room. Cactus plants have many types of dna that vary in size from elongated, round, and dangling. In addition, there are types of cacti that have beautiful flowers with religious colors and shapes. For those of you who are looking for plants to beautify the house then you can listen to the article 7 Beautiful and Easy To Grow Indoor Cactus Plants


1. Astrophytum Asterias

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It is a cactus plant that is usually called the bishop hat cactus. This is because this cactus plant has a hat-like shape. This plant has beautiful yellow flowers. You can put this plant in the room because it is easy to care for.


2. Spider Cactus

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This flowering Cactus has flowers with beautiful colors and will bloom in summer. The characteristic of this cactus is that it has curly thorns and flowers with large pink sizes. You can put this cactus indoors. Choose a pot with a suitable size so that it will look beautiful and not interfere with its growth.

3. Easter Cactus

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The appearance of this cactus is almost similar to the Christmas cactus but the difference is in the Thorns. This cactus plant has many flowers with beautiful colors, namely fuchsia or red. You can choose this cactus as a decoration in the house so that it looks beautiful and charming. If flowering this cactus has a very beautiful appearance.

4. Chin Cactus


This plant has another name gymnovalycium is a cactus plant that has beautiful flowers. The characteristic of this cactus is that it has sharp thorns and flowers with striking colors. Usually in one flowering this cactus has many petals with a beautiful and charming pink color.

5. Fairy Castle Cactus

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This type of Cactus has a unique name, fairy castle cactus because it has a shape like a magnificent palace with a towering lined shape. This cactus has beautiful flowers with pink color but this is rare because it is a little complicated care. You can put this cactus plant indoors.

6. Mammillaria Cactus

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Mammillaria is a type of cactus that has beautiful flowers with purple colors. Cactus types include cacti that diligently bloom especially in summer. You can place this cactus in the room to beautify your home. In the soil medium you can add small rocks that are used as Root binders so that they are more sturdy.

7. Chirstmas Cactus

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The Christmas cactus is characterized by its thick stem as a place to store water reserves. This Christmas cactus plant has abundant flowers such as fuchsia, peach, and white. This plant has easy maintenance so you can put it in the room. You can water it when the soil feels dry or every 3 days.

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