Best 7 House Plant You Can Propagate In Water Vases - Presenting plants in the house becomes something that must exist or is also considered mandatory. This is because the plants inside make the atmosphere at home fresher and cooler. In addition, plants in the room make the house look more beautiful and attractive. But it is not uncommon to present plants in the house to be something complicated because of the complicated care. Well, for those of you who are hindered by it then you can try spreading the plant in a vase of water. Because you no longer need to forget to water it so it's easier. So what plants can grow in a vase of water ? read more


1. Begonia 

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Begonia is a plant that grows in water. This plant is very easy to care for. Begonias have green leaves and red on the edges of the leaves. This plant also has a unique and beautiful pattern. You can put it in the room of your house so that it will add a beautiful and interesting impression.

2. Spider Plant

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This plant is one of the plants that can be hung. This plant has a distinctive feature in the leaves that have a striped motif of green and white. This plant can adapt quickly to growth in the water. You can put on a clear vase with the addition of colorful rocks so it looks beautiful if on display.

3. Syngonium

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Singonium is a plant that can grow in water later. This plant has leaves with various patterns and unique leaf shapes are also beautiful. These plants are pink and green so you can choose according to the theme of your home. This plant has easy growth and is resistant to any conditions so it can easily grow in water.

4. Heart Leaf Philodendron

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Plants that have green leaves with a heart-like shape can grow in water. This plant can grow with a variety of lighting conditions and any conditions. So it is suitable if placed in water planting media because it is easy to maintain. You do not need to be difficult in watering if placed in water media. You can put this plant in vase and placed in the living room or bathroom.

5. Monstera


Monstera has wide, shiny leaves and a heart-shaped leaf shape. In addition to being a soothing decoration for the eyes, Monstera can also improve the air quality in the room. Moreover, this plant is quite easy for us to care for because it can thrive in a room with minimal light. So that this plant can grow in water.

6. Snake Plant

Snake plant has elongated leaves and pointed upwards. The color of this leaf is green and yellowish on the edge of the Leaf so it looks beautiful if placed in the room. This plant can grow in water because it is easy to grow and adapt to existing conditions and environments.

7. Golden Pothos


One type of vines that can grow quickly with green and slightly yellowish leaves. This plant is suitable to be placed in the room especially if you put it in the media of aquatic plants. You can use a vase from an unused bottle so that you can take advantage of something that is wasted. will always share with you the latest Home Design Pictures ideas and Garden Ideas. So, what are you waiting for, enjoy the new inspiring ideas on

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