7 Best Beautiful House Plant For Hanging Baskets


Hsdesain.com - Hanging plants are indeed interesting and beautiful if applied in the house. Hanging plants placed in the hanging house have many benefits in addition to being able to decorate the house as well as to purify the air in the House. Hanging plants can be a solution for those of you who don't have much space. You can choose various types of plants that are beautiful and easy to care for. So what are the beautiful plants for hanging baskets in the house ? You can check it out and see below.

1. Geranium

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Geranium flowers are suitable for hanging baskets. Geranium flowers have various colors, such as pink, purple and also white. Besides being able to add a beautiful impression in the House geranium flowers can also provide benefits that repel mosquitoes, relieve stress, and are also good for health.

2. Lobelia 


Lobelia inflata is a type of lobelia. This type has a tall green stem, long foliage, and small violet-colored flowers. So it can give a beautiful and interesting impression if placed hanging baskets in the house. In addition, this plant does contain a variety of alkaloid compounds that are believed to have medicinal and therapeutic effects.

3. Heart Leaf Philodendron


One of the ornamental plants that are easy to grow and care for. The plant is able to survive and grow well indoors in the shade. The plant has green leaves with a heart-like shape. Care of this plant is quite easy, namely by watering it once a week and regularly provide liquid fertilizer.

4. Oxalis Triangularis

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This plant comes from Brazil, this plant is popular as a home ornamental plant that is usually grown in pots, with shady light needs. Because of this shaded light requirement so often used as indoor plants. The plant resembles a charming purple butterfly wings that will close in the evening and open bloom in the morning.

5. Ripple Peperomia

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This type of plant is a plant that does not tolerate hot weather or direct sunlight. This plant may provide health benefits for gout, arthritis and other inflammatory conditions. This drug is usually made in the form of herbal medicine.

6. Tradescantia

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Plant has a purple color throughout the stem and leaves. It has a unique leaf characteristic, which is striped with a combination of bright green, purple, and white colors. The flowers of this plant have a very small size and number quite a lot. So it is suitable if placed in the House will add a beautiful impression.

7. Sedum Morganianum

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Plants that grow dangling down are suitable for if used for hanging plants. This green plant has the benefit of cleaning the air when placed in the House. This plant is able to absorb pollutants or carbon compounds in the air that can interfere with health.

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