7 Best Fern Types to Grow Indoor


Hsdesain.com - Ferns are one type of plant that is classified as plypodiopsida. This plant has a diverse and very numerous types. Most of these fern plants have blade-like leaves that can be attached to the stem. This plant has only leaves without flowers. Usually this fern plant can grow as high as 30-90 cm. For the care of this plant is a bit difficult but with regular rooting then this Nail plant can grow well and beautiful. Here are the 7 Best Fern Types to Grow Indoor.

1. Bird's Nest Fern

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This bird fern is relatively easy to care for and grow. This plant is enough to water once every one to two weeks. If the leaves look dry and wilted then it indicates you need to water them. This plant can also be a decoration in your home because it has beautiful leaves and a large enough size.

2. Kimberly Queen Fern


The characteristic of this fern plant is that it has dark green leaves and at first glance it looks like a boston fern. This plant likes cool and humid temperatures so you have to maintain the humidity of this plant. You can put this plant in a pot or container with a large size. If it is placed outside the room then make sure you put it in a shady place.

3. Asparagus Fern

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This plant has smooth and soft leaves and there are also thorns on its stems. This plant is easy to care for compared to other types of ferns. You can put it near a window with bright lighting and get direct sunlight. In addition to watering you can do every 3-4 days.

4. Staghorn Fern

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This fern plant can be grown by attaching it to a board so that it can be used to decorate your home. This plant can grow well in bright lighting. But you also need to pay attention to the humidity of the aparagus fern. Because if the humidity is not appropriate it will make the leaves of this plant turn brown at the end.

5. Boston Fern

Boston fern has leaves with arches and textured. This plant can grow quite large in a pot. This boston fern can grow in a moist and cool environment so you can do regular watering 2 times a day. You can place this plant near the living room so that it is away from direct sunlight. 
6. Maindenhair Fern

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The characteristic of this fern plant is that it has a fragile stem compared to other fern plants. For this fern leaves in the form of small green so beautiful if placed in the room. You can use a pot with a unique design so that it looks beautiful if placed in the House. For the flattening of this fern needs enough sunlight to keep it growing.

7. Rabbit's Foot Fern

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This plant is suitable if you place it in the bathroom or near the water garden because it likes a humid place. This plant is unique in that there is a stem that resembles a rabbit's foot dangling down. You can place this plant in a beautiful pot or container.

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