8 Beautiful Indoor Plant For Girls Bedroom


HSdesain.com - The bedroom is a room that is usually used to rest after doing a lot of outdoor activities. So of course the owner of the room will look for ways to design the bedroom with various shapes and designs whose purpose is to provide comfort to the owner of the room. Especially for girls' rooms, of course, it will be even more difficult because girls will pay attention to every detail and corner of the room itself. Well for that you can see below to find girl's room ideas complete with indoor plants as decoration. 


Pastel Purple Bedroom 


Girls bedroom by presenting the owner's favorite color is indeed one way for those of you who want to design it. Like the picture above, the bedroom with pastel purple shades is cute and cute, making the bedroom comfortable. Various room ornaments are presented such as flower pillows, stickers, dolls and not forgetting indoor plants that make the look cooler and more beautiful.

Minimalist Bedroom

Biba Magazine

Girls' rooms with a minimalist design are suitable for girls who like a mature and neat impression. You can choose a bone white color with a modern mattress and a yellowish white lamp. To give a wider impression you can add a circular mirror. Do not forget the various types of plants that will make your room fresher and soothing such as peace lily, pothos, etc. 

White and Green Soft Bedroom

Lantai Langit

Girls' rooms are not always dominated by cute or pink colors, you can also use neutral colors such as a combination of white and green colors that can make your room look more elegant and modern. You can add decorative wall decor or your paintings that you can display on the wall so that it doesn't seem monotonous. The presence of indoor plants can also make the room look fresher. 

Pink Bedroom


Bedrooms that have large windows on the side are usually chosen for those of you who live in densely populated settlements. The existence of large windows can make the atmosphere fresh because of good air circulation. You can add plants in small pots to fill in front of windows that are often not utilized. 

Flower Bedroom


Girls' bedrooms that are authentic with flowers or the use of cute colors like the one above are indeed loved by most girls. The use of room curtains with floral motifs has a color that matches the mattress used. Next to the bed you can put a small nightstand that is used to put flowers so that it seems more aesthetic and also beautiful in the morning.

Yellow Bedroom


A bedroom with striking colors is suitable for those of you who like bright colors such as bright yellow as above. You can add unique decorations such as mini car collections, various fairy tale collections, small lamps, etc. You can add plants such as snake plants that are suitable to be placed in the room. 

Fresh Bedroom

Gunawan Efendi

The combination of green and white never fails to make the bedroom look more beautiful. The green color used is deliberately chosen a calm and softer color so as not to make a tacky impression. You can use pillows with cute shapes and plaid carpets with matching colors. 

Elegant Bedroom


The combination of pink and gray colors can make your room look more modern and beautiful. The mattress with soft gray color combined with pink pillows makes the look more elegant. Do not forget to fill the empty wall area as a place for wall décor. You can also decorate the room with plants either creeping or hanging in the corner of your room.

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