7 Different Aloe Vera Varieties You Can Grow In Containers


HSdesain.com - Aloe vera is a plant that is certainly not foreign to many people because it is easy care. There are so many benefits of this prickly plant such as softening the skin, helping to overcome acne, being able to absorb dirty air in the House. So it is not uncommon for many people to grow aloe vera both indoors and outdoors. But surely each of you is confused about choosing the right container to plant this plant because this thorny plant has fast growth. For that you can see this idea of the right container for aloe vera

Patterned Pots

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Aloe vera can be grown on any type of soil by using a pot that has holes for air circulation so that aloe vera is not easily rotted. You can choose a container made of ceramic with a motif as above so that it can beautify your home.

Woven Water Hyacinth


For those of you who like the natural impression, the pot container above can be an option. You can use a pot made of woven water hyacinth that is woven neatly so that it can be used. In addition to being used for containers from aloe vera this pot can be a beautiful decoration.

Two Color Matting

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In addition to using woven water hyacinth you can also use woven two different colors so that it can make the look more beautiful and unique. You can put plants in the room so that it can change the look more natural and beautiful. You can water this aloe vera plant every two weeks so it is safe if placed indoors.

Clay Pots

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Aloe vera is also suitable if placed outdoors. You can use a clay container so that it has holes for good water and air circulation. If you put this aloe vera plant outdoors, it is enough to water it every two weeks so that it does not rot quickly.

Elegant Blue Ceramic

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To display an elegant impression you can choose a container made of ceramic so that it has a shiny and luxurious appearance. You can put it in the living room or in the bedroom. For your own care, you can trim the stems that have withered or dried so that they always look fresh and neat.

Unique Container


Usually a unique and interesting container can make a simple look more beautiful. Like the container above which has a different appearance than usual. Pots made of ceramic with beautiful carvings and details make your home window look luxurious.

Modern Pot

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Containers made of cement can make your home look more modern and minimalist. Pots made of cement is deliberately left as the original color because it is to make it look unique. You can put this pot near the window so that it will facilitate air circulation and get direct sunlight.

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