7 Gorgeous Houseplant That Grow In Water


HSdesain.com - The presence of plants in the house can indeed make the atmosphere of the house fresher and healthier. There are many benefits that can be felt by presenting plants in the house. However, it is not uncommon for people to be lazy to grow plants at home because of their complicated maintenance. If that's the case, you can choose plants that are easy to grow and do not require complicated maintenance or can even grow without soil. So what are the plants that can grow without plants? here's the explanation 

Lucky Bamboo


Lucky bamboo plants are usually called lucky and happy plants so it is not uncommon for these plants to be suitable for placing in the house. This plant is very easy to maintain, which is enough to use water planting media and does not require excess sunlight. 




Monstera is one of the plants that can grow in water. Monstera is a tropical plant originating from Central America. This plant is a difficult plant to grow in a warm environment. For that you can plant monstera in pots with water planting media. 



 This basil plant can not only be one of the decorations to decorate the room but also a herbal plant. This plant can grow in water you just need to put it in a glass and change it every 3-5 days. You can put it near the window so it will be exposed to sunlight. 


Mercado Livre

Singonium is a plant that can live in water because the habitat of this plant is basically swamps and ponds. So it is accustomed to a humid and watery environment. This plant can grow with little or even low lighting so it is suitable to be placed in the house.



Zebrakraut is a plant that is suitable as a hanging plant. The unique leaf color makes this plant suitable as a home decoration. This plant can grow in water media. As for maintenance, it is easy to put in a bright place and not exposed to direct sunlight.


Spider Plant


Spider plant is resistant to humid environments and likes lots of water. You can use a small pot with a unique and cute design. You can also add small colorful stones that will add a unique impression. 

Devil's Ivy

One of the beautiful green plants that grows vines and is often used to decorate homes and cafes. This plant is an easy-care plant because only by putting it in a bottle filled with water can this plant thrive. This plant can be grown both outdoors and indoors.



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