7 Beautiful Zebra Plant Varieties To Grow In The Home and Garden


Hsdesain.com - Zebra plants are one type of plant that still comes from the cactus family. The plant has a characteristic dark green leaf shape, which is thick and tapering upwards. This plant has the name of zebra plant because on its leaves there are white stripes that cover it. This zebra plant has many species, there are several types of zebra plants that can be grown to be placed in the house or in the garden. Here are 7 types of beautiful Zebra Plant Varieties To Grow In the Home and Garden !!


Haworthia Enon

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Haworthia enon is a type of zebra plant that has a small size stacked but looks contained in the leaves. This type of Zebra has its characteristic leaves, which are firm green with prominent white spots. This zebra plant is suitable if placed in the house because it is quite easy to care for so it is not complicated to take care of it.

Haworthia Royal Albert


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The next type of zebra plant that can be grown indoors or in the garden is Haworthia fasciata"Royal Albert". This type of plant has a small size with dark green rumcing leaves with prominent white spots on the surface of the leaves. You can choose the type of pot with the appropriate size and any material.

Haworthia Alba


Zebra plants with this type of alba have the characteristic of having wide white-white strokes like zebra animals. The plant has dark green leaves. Alba is suitable for planting in mini pots because it will appear dense and contained. So you can apply it to the pot with the appropriate size to make it look beautiful.

Haworthia Big Band


The big band zebra plant has dark green leaf color with a strict white stripe like a zebra on each pointed leaf blade. As the name suggests, this plant is a timeless plant because of its beautiful shape and is always preferred by many people to be used as a home decoration. You can use a white pot to make it look more beautiful and charming.

Hankey Dwarf Aloe

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Hankey dwarf aloe is a type of zebra plant that has a rosette of green to brown leaves and also has white bumps on both sides. This type of zebra plant is almost the same as haworthia glabrata but hankey dwarf aloe has a smooth white color and is also small. This zebra plant can grow in the house or in the garden, so you can simply adjust the temperature and humidity to keep it maintained.

Super White Zebra


Haworthia super white zebra is a zebra plant that has characteristic leaves that have stripes of white bumps with green leaves that look contained. The stripes on the super white zebra look very clear so it is beautiful as a room decoration.

Haworthia Glabrata

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Haworthia Glabrata is a type of zebra plant that displays a light to dark or greenish-brown rose-like shape. This type has a small leaf size, narrow and fleshy. There are motifs such as thin white spots on the leaves that are similar to zebra patterns.

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