7 House Plant That Can Grow Well On Top Of Your Refrigerator


Hsdesain.com - The presence of plants inside is indeed an important thing. This is because plants can make the atmosphere in the house becomes more fresh. But of course this is not easy because there must be several things that need to be prepared from the type of plant used, planting media, where to put the plant itself. So it is not uncommon for people do not want complicated. Well, for that there is no harm if you use the top of the refrigerator as a place to put plants. Usually the top of the refrigerator becomes a place that is rarely used and neglected. What plants that can grow on top of your  refrigerator ? Check out the explanation below.


1. Aloe Vera

backward garden

Aloe vera becomes a great first garden to put on the refrigerator. Aloe vera is characterized by the large number of thorns on the stem. The plant has a green color with a white pattern that makes this plant beautiful if placed indoors.  You can use a pot with clay material so that it will improve the circulation of the growth.

2. Chinese Evergreen


Plants that have leaves with a beautiful color is suitable if you put the top of the refrigerator. Chinese Evergreen having green and pink leaves on the edges of the leaves makes it look charming. You can adjust the size of the plant to the size of the refrigerator. For the pot itself you can choose with matching colors.

3. Chinese Money Plant


Chinese Money Plant is plant that has a slightly rounded and slightly tapered leaf shape with a size that is not too large so it is suitable if placed on a refrigerator. requires a mixture of well-draining soil with perlite for additional drainage to keep it healthy.

4. Spider Plant


Spider plants are the next plants that are good if placed on the refrigerator. Plants that have tapered leaves with green and white colors in addition to being able to decorate the room also have many benefits. One of the benefits is that it can absorb toxins in the air so that the air around the house becomes clean.

5. Snake Plant


Snake plants are beautiful plants if placed indoors. Of course you can put it on the fridge. Choose the appropriate size of snake plants to look beautiful. This plant has the benefit of being able to purify the air in the House.

6. Calathea


Calathea is a type of indoor plant that is easy to care for with a beautiful appearance and leaves are quite unique. Calathea is characterized by its striking and beautiful leaves. This plant is easy to care for so you can apply indoors.

7. Bird Nest Fern

The sill

Bird nest fern included in the fern plants that have slightly large leaves with dark colored leaf bones. This plant is good to put on the refrigerator because it is easy to care for. You can use pots with ceramic material so that it looks luxurious.



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