Minimalist Apartment that Perfect for Living -- Apart from houses, apartments are one of the homes that many people want because they are cheaper and simpler, making maintenance easier. For apartment arrangement ideas that you can emulate, check out the Minimalist Apartment that is Perfect for Living.

Smart bedroom idea

Despite its small size, this apartment is well-organized. For example, in this bedroom area, there is a dividing wall with additional curtains to create a private area, which can make you more comfortable, have a calming space, and maximize sleep quality.

Living room idea

Aside from the eye-catching bedroom, this apartment has a living room area with a small sofa and carpet with beautiful and contemporary motifs. To keep this small living room from being too distracting, avoid using bright colors.

Dining table idea

The main room in this apartment can be used for more than just a living room; using it as a functional area makes you feel more at ease in your small apartment. Present the kitchen and dining table in a simple manner, with colors that complement the surrounding interior.

Bedroom detail

This image shows the details of the bedroom owned by this apartment. This bedroom area is sparsely furnished and only has a small bed. There are beautiful wall decorations that are neatly displayed for a non-boring look.





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Author : Hafidza
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