Scandinavian Home Decor Style with Earth-Tone Looks -- A house with a Scandinavian style interior is one of the things that is trending and interesting to follow. The following ideas will give you a beautiful and eye-catching Scandinavian look. For more detailed interiors, check Scandinavian Home Decor Style with Earth-Tone Looks.

Living room idea

The living room is the first area to follow from this interior. Scandinavian style is characterized by a simple arrangement with minimalist furniture design. Use natural-toned furniture, such as the wicker rattan basket in this living room.

Kitchen idea

The appearance of the kitchen with the right color combination will give the impression of being comfortable and soothing. The large window design in this kitchen is one of the characteristics of Scandinavian-style interiors because it allows in natural light, which gives the room a warm appearance.

Dining table idea

In the dining room, furniture with a simple style gives the interior a neater appearance. Maximize the decoration by, for example, placing plants at various angles. A rattan pendant lamp would look great in this space.

Child bedroom idea

This child's bedroom and playroom are both designs that you can emulate. Aside from a comfortable bed, you can also use a table and storage for children's books and toys. Label each storage unit to encourage independence and neatness in a child's bedroom.

Bathroom idea

The bathroom is an essential component of this home. To keep it clean and sanitary, divide each area with clever arrangement. The addition of this round mirror really helps to display a functional decoration while also giving the room a broad appearance.

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