7 Colorful Interior Ideas with Beautiful Houseplants

HSdesain.com -- Choosing the right color has a significant impact on the atmosphere of the room. The use of bright colors has been shown to improve the appearance of the room. The colorful interior of the room can also instantly improve a person's mood.

Meanwhile, indoor plants can give the impression of a more lively and fresh room. Here are 7 colorful interior ideas with beautiful houseplants! Check it out below!


1. Plants and colorful living room

Create a cool and colorful living room by using a combination of indoor plant decorations. The use of wall interior colors and contrast furniture gives the impression of the room looking more lively.

There is an English ivy plant in the corner of the living room that is ready to refresh the room.

2. Pink and yellow bedroom

The combination of pink and yellow colors gives the impression that the atmosphere of the room feels warmer and sweeter. Pink gives a feminine impression to the room, while yellow brings happiness.

You will feel at home in the bedrom.

3. Plants in the kitchen

The plants in the kitchen not only beautify the appearance of the room, but alo make the room feel cool. Cooking activities also feel good.

The kitchen is designed with a white interior, so it gives a neater and cleaner impression.

4. Dressing room


The dressing room is usually located in the bedroom. You can design a makeup room with a simple design.

The dressing table is selected with a simple model of adorable pin-colored ones. To refresh the room, use plants in the corner of the room for the best view.


5.  Kitchen with hanging plants


This kitchen looks charming with hanging plants. You can grow a plant on hanging pots or beautiful rattan baskets.

Place it on the kitchen table or on the area around the sink. Since this area is moist, the plant will grow well.


6.  Plants in the corner of the bathroom

 Make the corner of the bathroom look more lively with a combination of hanging plants. If you are a busy person and don't have much time to grow plants. Succulents are one of the low-maintenance plants.

7. Bathroom with wallpaper

The bathroom is not only used as a place to clean up. But also the perfect place to relax and calm the mind. The presence of plants in the room can create a cool and calm impression n the bathroom.

Those are 7 colorful interior ideas with beautiful houseplants. Hopefully, the information above is useful.

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Author : Hafsah
Editor : Munawaroh
Source : Instagram @painted_goose


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