Clean and Stylish Bathroom that You Can Imitate -- Not only the living room that must be designed and decorated to the fullest, the bathroom is also an important part of the house, so it is necessary to pay attention to its comfort. The following bathroom ideas will help you find the right design for your home. Check Clean and Stylish Bathroom that You Can Imitate.



Add corals

This small bathroom has a simple appearance with a natural style using natural stone patterned walls. Not only that, this bathroom is also equipped with coral to help absorb water properly.

Soothing colors

The right color scheme creates a relaxing atmosphere in this bathroom. The combination of nude and white can make your bath more relaxing. Additional storage shelves are critical for saving space.

Use fabric for divider curtain

Do you want your bathroom to appear spacious? You can replicate this idea by making a curtain out of a piece of cloth that you can open and close as needed. To keep the toilet area dry, create an elevation on the floor to keep water from spreading throughout the room.

Luxury look

This bathroom appears to have a lovely design with touches of gold on some of the furniture. Furthermore, using transparent glass as a barrier can provide a look that is still spacious. Additional hidden LEDs are the ideal decor for a warm and modern touch.

Small but cozy

The bathroom dividing grid is essential for keeping the bathing and toilet areas clean. Despite its small size, this bathroom appears to be comfortable, with minimal furniture. Plants can be used as a refreshing decoration.





That's the Clean and Stylish Bathroom that You Can Imitate. Hope you like it!
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Author : Hafidza
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