Clean Modern Boho Designs and Decor Ideas -- Bohemian decors are eccentric and fun. We will inspire you to see Bohemian decorations that provide both beauty and comfort in the room.
Bohemian Home decors features elegan wooden furniture as well as textured and upholstered decorations.
If you're interested, we'll show you some clean modern Boho designs and decor ideas below. Let us admire the beauty!

Cozy Bohemian living room design

The Bohemian style living room design above offers a simple but still gorgeous design. The combination of carpet decoration, and wooden furniture brings a warmer atmosphere to the room.

While you can present a modern impression with a touch of cushions and carpet with various models as room decorations.

Awesome Bohemian decors

 When entering the hallway of the house, you will be greeted with beautiful interior decorations in the style of Bohemian.
Bohemian wall decors with shades of woof and also dried flowers are the perfect combination as a sweetener for the hallway.

Exposed brick walls in the dining room

 Make a focal point in a room to draw attention to it. The design of the dining room above is excellent.
One of the walls is made up of charming exposed bricks.  The dining room's appearance is enhanced by the variety of appealing wall designs.

Kitchen with maximum lighting

The use of eco-friendly decorations and furniture is characteristic of
Bohemian style houses

Although the design of this kitchen is limited in size, it feels large with maximum natural light entry.

Letter L kitchen design is suitable for narrow and functional rooms.

Adding cool greenery


By adding plants as room decorations can enhance the beauty of the house. In addition, plants also bring the house to feel more lively and refreshing.

You can put in every corner of the room for an attractive and charming look of the house.

That's clean modern Boho designs and decor ideas. We hope you like it. will always share you the latest Home Design Pictures ideas and Garden Ideas. So, what are you waiting for, enjoy the new inspiring ideas on

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Author : Hafsah
Editor : Munawaroh
Source : Instagram @cleanbohodecor

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