7 Gorgeous Houseplants for Your Bathroom

HSDesain.com -- The bathroom is an excellent place to unwind. There are various aspects in the bathroom that you should consider. The decoration is one of them.
Adding plants is a simple way to make your bathroom feel cooler. Not only that, but the plant has greater impact. Such as lowering anxiety and calming the mind.
Here are 7 beautiful houseplants for your bathroom that we've gathered for you!

1. Air plant


 The plant recommendation for the first bathroom is the air plant. The plant looks unique and is suitable to be placed in the bathroom.
They have low maintenance, and can even live in the air without soil.
The water plant can absorb moisture in the bathroom.

2. Aloe Vera

The second plant is Aloe Vera. The plant is known for its many health benefits. And it turns out that they can also purify the air well.
Suitable grown in the bathroom.

3. Calathea freddie


Diverse varieties of Calathea are known for their beauty of color and also shades of leaves. One of them is Calathea freddie. The combinatio of silver and green looks perfect and alluring.

The plant is also easy to grow and does not require special care.

4. Golden pothos


If you are looking for a plant with the easiest care, Golden pothos should be included in your plant list.
They can grow anywhere, even in water.
The plant has beautiful leaves and can purify the air well.

5. Snake plant

Snake plant is the best indoor plant that you can grow, Not only the bathroom, you can grow snake plants anywhere. Like the living room, or even bedroom.
Snake plants can absorb toxins, and produce air. So that the bathroom remains healthy.

6. Spider plant


Another best plant that you can grow in the bathroom is the Spider plant. In addition to being charming, spider plant are easy to propagate.

Spider plant is also an indoor plant that can purify the air in the room.

7. Staghorn Fern


These plants are suitable to put in the bathroom because they like more moisture. Staghorn fern has a unique leaf appearance, and you can attach it to the bathroom wall.

They can grow with indirect light.

Those are the 7 gorgeous houseplants for your bathroom. We hope you like it.

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Author : Hafsah
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