Brilliant Ideas to Make a Cozy Small Home -- A small house is the dream of many people because it is more practical and cheaper to build. Having a small house, keep an eye on the design to keep it comfortable for the family. You can follow the following ideas to create a cozy little house. Check Brilliant Ideas to Make a Cozy Small Home.




Home facade design

This house has a simple facade with a dominant black color selection. There are several doors, windows, and skylight roofs to maximize circulation and lighting to keep the tiny house comfortable. The black color used on the facade of this house also creates an elegant appearance and can be camouflaged in nature so that it will be safer from wild animals.

Living room idea

Entering the interior, there is a comfortable room with an open plan style that is occupied by several rooms such as the living room, dining room, and kitchen. Good arrangement can make this small house remain functional and not crowded. The white color is one of the brightest ideas for a display that looks clean and spacious.

Kitchen idea

The kitchen is an important part of a house. In this small house, the kitchen design looks different from other areas by using a distinctive wood look. The large window design can help maximize lighting and also make cooking activities not boring with a fresh outdoor view.

Bedroom idea

The bedroom is an important space that should be designed to maximize comfort. The appearance of this bedroom is simple, with minimal furniture. The placement of the bed in the center of the room can help to more functionally maximize the space around it.

Bathroom idea

Although small, this house has a modern bathroom. Limiting the bath and toilet would be the best idea to keep the bathroom hygienic and keep it dry and clean. Use transparent glass to separate them so that the room still feels spacious.

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