Six Smart Scandinavian Interior Design Hacks To Try --  The Scandinavian style of house design is synonymous with bright white colors. The Scandinavian style is simple, yet charming and functional. Suitable for use in various of houses.
Especially, in houses with limited room capacity, to make it appear more spacious.
There are many tricks that you can use. Here are six smart Scandinavian interior design hacks to try!

1. Spacious open space concept

 Using the concept of a spacious open space can help you maximize a small space. Between the living room, the kitchen and the dining room are designed in the same room. So that activities will run side by side.
Glass window also allow natural lighting to enter and give the impression of a larger room.

2. Simple bedroom decoration

The characteristics of the Scandinavian interior all about simplicity. In accordance with the design of the bedroom wilt simple decoration above.
The bright white interior wall looks more charming with a combination of minimalist wall decors. The bedroom is also neatly designed for maximum comfort.

3. Natural dining room

Scandinavian interior style is very synonymous with natural and environmentally friendly elements. The dining room is filled with wood furniture, feeling warmer. 
That way, you are ready to enjoy the food with e feeling of pleasure.

4. Single line kitchen

 Arranging a single line kitchen can help you save on the available room capacity. The Scandinavian kitchen above looks clean with white cabinets with stunning wooden motif backsplash walls.

5. Neat laundry room


Another distinctive feature of the Scandinavian interior is keeping the room neat and functional. Although small, the storage in the laundry room is well-designed and organized. The basket and also the pats rack are the perfect combination.

6. Pretty small balcony with plants

 Enjoying the relaxing time by looking at the city view sounds fun. Moreover, the balcony is attractively designed. Wicker chairs and plant decorations around them provide a fresher balcony atmosphere.

That's six smart Scandinavian interior design hacks to try. We hope it is useful. will always share you the latest Home Design Pictures ideas and Garden Ideas. So, what are you waiting for, enjoy the new inspiring ideas on

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Author : Hafsah
Editor : Munawaroh
Source : Instagram @chanala

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