7 Popular Roses Varieties for Every Garden

HSdesain.com --  Do you want to make your home more colorful and cheerful? Growing houseplants is one  way to improve the atmosphere of the home. Furthermore, it is paired with lovely floral colors.
The rose is one of those flowers that are easy to grow and has many different varieties of flowers.
We've gathered 7 popular rose varieties for every garden just for you! Let's take a look at the review below!

1. Bourbon Roses

 Liven up the garden atmosphere with bourbon roses. This flower has characteristic layered petals and looks beautiful. They come in a variety of colors.
You can grow bourbon roses on the front fence to look charming.

2. Climbing roses


 This type of climbing rose is perfect for decorating a pergola or part of the home canopy. Climbing roses offers stems that are easy to shape according to needs.

Suitable for charming garden decoration.

3. Floribunda rose

 Floribunda roses are another type of rose that has a stunning look. This rose blooms beautifully and is suitable for use as a decoration of balconies and also terraces of houses.
Easy to grow roses are suitable for novice gardeners.

4. Grandiflora roses

Grandiflora roses offer flowers that stand out and amaze among other flowers. They come in different colors such as orange, pink, and yellow.
Roses have a soothing fragrance.

5. Miniature rose


As the name implies, this roses has a smaller flower size. Miniature roses are suitable for growing in pots and containers.
You can put  a row on  the terrace for an attractive look.

6. Polyantha Rose


In addition to white, Polyantha roses come in popular colors including pink and red. Polyantha roses are best suited to be grown in the front yard to refresh the garden.

Polyantha roses are also easy to grow and do not require special care.

7. Shrub Rose


 Who does not fall in love with the char of shrub roses? They have charming flowers and most importantly, shrub roses have low maintenance.

You can grow shrub roses near the fence or in the front yard of the house.

Those are the 7 popular roses varieties for every garden. Which is your favorite?

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