Modern House Design for Happiness Family -- Home is a primary need that is important for everyone. Having a comfortable home is of course the dream of many people. The following is a simple yet modern, stylish home design idea. You can make this design an inspiration to build a house with your family. Check Modern House Design for Happiness Family.



 House facade design

This house has a simple facade with dominant black color. The use of glass on the facade of a house can make an elegant and stylish impression. The sloping roof design also makes the house more beautiful and of course easier to make it happen.



 Chill out corner

Before entering the house, there is a very relaxing relaxing area with unfinished style walls combined with a distinctive wooden ceiling. The addition of a sofa and some chairs will be perfect for taking in the beautiful surroundings.



Open plan style

Several areas in this room are designed without partitions to give the impression of a larger, more relaxed space. There is a dining room and a family room among them. The choice of black for the furniture complements the exterior. 

In addition to a comfortable indoor area, there is a small balcony with lounge chairs in this area, so you can choose to relax in the house or on the balcony with fresh air.


Kitchen idea

This house's kitchen appears to be open as well, with no partitions from other areas. The use of black and white in the kitchen makes it appear more elegant and clean. This kitchen will be more stylish with the addition of this kitchen island. Don't forget to include a chandelier that can be customized to match the interior design.

Bedroom idea

This bedroom has a simple style but looks very comfortable. The choice of different colors makes the display not boring. Additional decorations on the walls will maintain a simple and not excessive style in the interior.

Bathroom idea

Choosing white is ideal for a small room because it makes it appear larger. Use transparent glass as a barrier to keep water out of other areas while keeping the room looking as spacious as if there were no partition.

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