7 Ways To Style Indoor Plants

HSdesain.com --  It can instantly refresh your home by displaying indoor plants. Plants, on the other hand, have numerous advantage. Among them is beautifying the room so that it can effectively purify the air in the room.
Houseplants can be used to decorate the room in a variety of ways. We've compiled a list of 7 ways to style indoor plants! Let's take a look!

1. Indoor plants on the bookshelf

 Create a cool book reading space by using refreshing greenery decorations. You can place ornamental plants in a row on wall shelves. Using wall shelves helps you save available space.

2. Refresh the corner of the living room


Refresh the corner of your living room by adding refreshing greenery. The living room is  a frequently used room, so adding plants can liven up the atmosphere of the room feels more pleasant.

3. Beautiful indoor vines


You can create vines in various shapes. The idea of forming a circle frame can be used as a reference.
Golden pothos and also Monstera adansonii are two vines that are popular this year.

4. Create plants in the style of Kokedama


Kokedama style is one of making your plants look attractive and beautiful. There are many plants that can be designed in the Kokedama style.
You can putt this plant as a charming decoration in the living room.

5.  Hanging plants as curtains


Want the room to feel shady? You can use hanging plans as pretty curtains. The example of  a plain white curtain above looks attractive and lively with refreshing hanging plant decorations.
The method is easy, and you can apply it at home.

6.  Plants as the focal point of the room


You can use a combination of plants and standing pots to be the focal point of the room. Plants that stand on standing plants offer an elegant look.
The metal standing pot looks good and very sturdy;

7.  Indoor plants on top of the cabinet


Cabinets and open shelves will look even more charming with ornamental plant decorations. You are free to put the plant on the cabinet or the open cabinet.

That way, the room will immediately look cool and attractive.

That's 7 ways to style indoor plants. Hopefully, the information above is useful.

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