7 Best Narrow Balcony Smart Ideas

 HSdesain.com -- Don't let a small space prevent you from having a charming balcony. You can cleverly arrange the balcony regardless of the size of the land.
The key is to select furniture and decorations that are appropriate for the available space.
Let's take a look at the 7 best narrow balcony smart ideas review below for more information!

 1. Designing a space-saving vertical garden

 Designing a space-saving vertical garden can help you save the available space. Suitable applied on a cramped balcony.
The design of the balcony is elongated with a vertical combination of garden in the corner of the room. You can attach the plant pot to the balcony wall.

 2. Rustic style balcony design

The design of the second balcony is filled with eco-friendly decoration such as elegant wooden furniture. Rustic decorations offer a natural atmosphere full of peace.

3.  Autumn balcony decoration


The cool autumn makes relaxing outdoors feel more enjoyable. The idea of a narrow balcony above is designed with charming autumn decorations.

In addition to stunning plants, there are pumpkin fruits that attract attention.

4. Beautiful decoration of hanging plants


Another smart way, you can use hanging plants for decoration of narrow balconies. You need to hang the plant of the roof of the balcony.

Their leaves dangle beautifully adorning the cool balcony of the house.


 5. Narrow balcony and charming lighting


 By arranging balcony lighting, it can change the atmosphere to be more pleasant and dramatic. The balcony design above appears to stand out with and interesting combination of lighting.
Meanwhile, a closed fence helps you achieve better privacy.

6. Tropical balcony design

The tropical balcony design offers a beautiful and cooler atmosphere.  Plants are the main element that you can use as a balcony decoration.
For a neater look, you can arrange plant in the corners of the balcony.

7. Simple small balcony


 To give the impression of a narrow balcony feeling more spacious, you can design balcony with a simple design.

Not much decoration is used, love seat furniture and also plants in the corner of the room look perfect.

Those are the 7 best narrow balcony smart ideas. Hopefully, the information above is useful.

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Author : Hafsah
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