Smart Open Living Room and Kitchen Ideas --  Using the living room and open kitchen concepts can help you maximize the available space. The open space concept creates a room that is both spacious and bright. 
Ideal for a tiny house or those who live in an apartment.
Following are some smart open living room and kitchen ideas just for you! Check it out down below!

Tropical style interior design

Tropical style houses offer a cooler and healthier atmosphere. Between the living room, kitchen and dining room is smartly designed with the concept of open space.
Plant decorations and wooden furniture can also be seen filling the room. To create a more homey atmosphere.

 Bohemian style room decoration


The next open space concept is specially designed with popular Bohemian decorations. Bohemian style offers a relaxed and free design.
You can use creativity to create your dream home.
For example, wall decorations and Bohemian-style carpets can be used to beautify the room.

Luxurious style room design


 The concept of open space is not used in minimalist homes. You can apply it in a luxurious house island table with marble table-top offers a classy and attractive design.
The kitchen island table is the perfect to enjoy a fun family time.

Scandinavian style Interior design


Scandinavian style offers simplicity but still elegance. No wonder many fell in love with the Scandinavian style.

The room is filled with earthy tones and wooden furniture, creating a more cozy and homey room.

Maximize natural lighting


Make the room look bright and cool by maximizing natural lighting. The large-sized glass door design makes the living room of the dining room and kitchen feel more spacious.

These three rooms are often sued, so you have to design them as well as possible.

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