7 Plants That Survive a Zero Sunlight Bathroom

 HSDesain.com -- Do you have trouble finding plants that thrive in the bathroom? The bathroom is typically a damp, dimly lit space. We will discuss some plants that are appropriate for use in the bathroom.
Plants in the bathroom not only add beauty to the space, but also make it feel cool and peaceful. We've compiled a list of 7 plants that can survive a zero sunlight bathroom especially for you!

1. Spider plant


If you are looking for an indoor plant that has low maintenance, Spider plants are on your list. Spider plant can even live in water well.

It is suitable to be placed in a damp bathroom.


2. Bromeliad

Among the most beautiful ornamental plants that are popular, Bromeliad is one of them. They can grow well indoors or outdoors.
The lush and beautiful shape of the leaves became the main characteristic feature of Bromeliads.

3. Dracaena cintho

 The empty corner of the bathroom will look more lively with a refreshing plant. Dracaena cintho offers an attractive beauty of leaves. Suitable for use as decoration.
They can grow well even with low light.

4. Sansevieria laurentii

 Snake plant has many varieties and all of them are easy to grow. Sansevieria laurentii is one of the most favorite types.
They are the best indoor plants that can purify the air in the room.

5. Sansevieria Moonshine

 Another type of Snake plant is Sansevieria moonshine. As beautiful as the name suggest, they have a characteristic silver-colored leaf so elegant.
You can combine this plant with an exotic black ceramic pot.

6. Philodendron

 Philodendron enters into plants that grow well in the bathrooms. They have many varieties with different distinctive features of the leaves.
This variety of philodendron has leaves that captivate and refresh the eyes.

7. Golden pothos


Golden pothos have leaves similar to Philodendron. We recommend golden pothos as the best plant for growing in the bathroom.
This plant can live in any conditions. Suitable for novice gardeners.
Those are the 7 plants that survive a zero sunlight bathroom. We hope you like it.
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Author : Hafsah
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