Smart Design for Tiny House Ideas You Will Love -- Tiny house does not mean it is not a dream, even in this era tiny houses are very popular. Many people are starting to choose a small house for a quiet place to live at a lower price. The following design ideas will help you find a contemporary tiny house look, check Smart Design for Tiny House Ideas You Will Love.

House facade design

The facade of this house is simple with a beam shape and does not appear flashy, which is very beneficial when living in nature. Choosing the right color also elevates the appearance of this home. There is a house building as well as an additional wooden deck that can be used to relax with the family.

Living room idea

Despite its small size, the interior, which features a mix of white and brown wood, provides its owner with a soothing environment. This area is ideal for dining while watching your favorite television show. You can add a chandelier to the room to make it more stylish.

Small kitchen idea

This area includes a comfortable family room as well as a small kitchen with plain colors that make it appear more simple and spacious. This area is used not only as a kitchen, but also to place a washing machine to make it more compact and take up less space.

Bedroom idea

Having an open bedroom necessitates the right design to create privacy, such as adding a door that can be used as a roof. With large windows surrounding it, this bedroom area will provide a pleasant rest where you can enjoy an interesting outdoor view.

Small bathroom idea

The final area is the bathroom, which is close to the bedroom. The interior of this small bathroom is dominated by clean white and gives the impression of space. To save space, use shelves for storage.



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