Six Outdoor Plants that Smell Amazing


Six Outdoor Plants that Smell Amazing -- The neatly arranged paths around the house will be very pleasing to all of the senses. Especially if it has a fragrant aroma that provides calm and boosts positive energy when inhaled. Here are some outdoor plants that are both fragrant and appealing to wildlife.


 Murraya Paniculata


If you want to add a fragrant plant, jasmine orange is one of your options. This plant thrives in rich, well-drained soil with morning and evening sun.

 Ginger Lily



Butterfly ginger has white flowers and a spicy aroma that is still appealing. Rhizome plants that grow upright and prefer full sun can thrive in moist to wet soil.


 Cananga odorta


This flower-loving outdoor plant is a must-have. This is the main component of the well-known Chanel perfume. A fragrant aroma can be detected even from a distance if it is in bloom. Fertilizer should be applied every 3 - 5 months to maintain growth and flowering throughout the year.

Jasminum Officianale


This fragrant flowering ornamental plant has very fragrant white flower petals and grows quickly. Prefers shaded areas with a pleasant aroma and is a must even from a long distance. This plant requires moist but well-drained soil. When the plant is mature, prune it after it blooms to promote new plant growth.

Plumeria Sp.

This small tree, which has beautiful flowers and is very fragrant, is commonly used to make the famous Hawaiian let. The Frangipani plant is a must and grows well in full sun with consistent watering; this plant will grow and flower all year. 

Gardenia Jasminoides


This ornamental jasmine shrub with the best aromatics grows best in acidic soils with consistent moisture and well-drained soil. This plant thrives in the sun, needs shade in the afternoon, and prefers hot climates. will always share the most recent Home Design Pictures and Garden Ideas with you. So, what are you waiting for? Take advantage of the new and inspiring ideas on

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