Brilliant Ideas to Dress Up Your Exterior with Window Boxes -- Not only the interior that needs to be decorated attractively, you also need to pay attention to the exterior to create a beautiful appearance and make a positive impression for anyone who sees your home. One of the ideas for decorating the exterior is to use window boxes. Check out Brilliant Ideas to Dress Up Your Exterior with Window Boxes below.

Beautiful look


If you like beautiful looks, you'll love this idea. The window boxes are selected in matching colors and filled with stunning flowers. The area around the window can also be used as a relaxing area by adding a seat as a facility.

Various plants


Although small, this window looks stunning with window boxes filled with various plants. For an even more stunning element, the addition of trailing plants would be wonderful for these window boxes.

Refreshing green look


You also need to pay attention to filling the window box for the appearance you want. If you like freshness, choose a dominant green color with a touch of flowers that have soft colors so that they are not too flashy.

Use coconut husk for your plants


The addition of coconut husk to this planter window box will be an interesting idea to keep the plants moist and not have to water them too often. However, choose plants that like moist soil and bright light.

Add garden around the window


Besides having window boxes with various plants and flowers, you can also add a garden underneath. Choose the same plants for a matching and inspiring exterior look.




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