Minimalist Small House Interior Ideas to Save Budget -- Having a house with a small size of course will save more on the budget both during construction and maintenance. Having a house with a small size also needs to pay attention to the arrangement to keep it comfortable and functional. For small house interior design ideas, check out Minimalist Small House Interior Ideas to Save Budget below.

Color selection

Natural color selection in a small house is very important because it will affect its appearance. For a wider and cleaner impression, use white with a touch of other plain colors to give a more lively look, like this one idea.

Living room idea

The living room in this small house is simple, with small furniture. This living room, in addition to the sofa, has shelves for arranging decorations and several other items to make it more tidy. Maximize the wall decoration to make it more beautiful while saving space.

Small kitchen idea

This small kitchen is separated from the main room so that your cooking activities do not disturb guests. This kitchen area is made with a skylight roof that can provide the best lighting and make you feel bright outdoor vibes.

Dry garden idea

Apart from being a kitchen, this outdoor area is also used as a dry garden with several plants that spread freshness. The addition of gravel as the base will make the water absorption better, so it doesn't make it muddy when you're watering the plants.

Bedroom idea

The bedroom becomes the most important to release fatigue and rest comfortably. You can place mattresses and cupboards in a small room so that they have a comfortable remaining space. Add windows to provide the best air and light circulation.

Bathroom idea

For the bathroom, the choice of plain and calm colors will make the room feel cleaner. If you want a more modern interior, use a wall-mounted toilet and shower to save more space.

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