Minimalist Design -Brilliant Ideas for Compact House -- Owning a house requires the right design to maximize the layout and function, especially for houses with limited land. If you want a design that looks spacious for your small house, check out 7 Brilliant Ideas for Compact Houses.

House facade design

The facade of this house appears in a simple and clean style. The use of stationary windows that use transparent glass, makes the house have maximum lighting and makes it look more elegant. Give it a palm tree for a shaded exterior look.

When entering the house, there is a living room that appears to be spacious, with minimal furniture. Wooden chairs are ideal for filling a room with white walls. To match the other interiors, add a minimalist chandelier.

In addition to the living room, there is a dining room that is open and does not have a partition with other rooms so that it feels wider and looks fresher due to better air circulation.

This sleek and minimalist-style staircase design also has a skylight roof that makes the room feel wider and brighter. You don't even have to worry when it rains because you still have a safe roof. Choose a lightweight but sturdy material for your skylight roof.



Minimalist style still dominates this kitchen area. The combination of white and wood makes the kitchen feel natural and soothing. You can replace some of the backsplash with windows that can maximize lighting and air circulation so that the kitchen is not stuffy.

This house is also equipped with an indoor garden, which is a refreshing element and beautifies the interior design of the house. You can use rocks or gravel to keep the area dry. This indoor garden can also be a view in the surrounding room.





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