Home Decor Ideas - Create Your Fresshness with Hanging Plants

HSdesain.com -- Decorating a room with plants has indeed become a trending thing and many people are starting to choose plants that are suitable for their interior. Hanging plant ideas are the most interesting for additional decorations in your interior. For some ideas, check out Home Decor Ideas - Create Your Freshness with Hanging Plants.

Use twig for hang

Hanging plants will be very appealing if you attach them to twigs and place them in open areas where they can refresh and spread beauty. Choose a twig that is not too long and adjust it to fit the plant you want to hang.

Use moss ball

This zigzag arrangement of hanging plants will be a one-of-a-kind idea for you to implement. Furthermore, planting on the moss ball will help retain moisture, reducing the need to water it frequently.

Neat placement

The placement of plants in this room will draw the attention of anyone who sees it. A stand can be used to hang plants on the wall. Combine it with other plants that you can arrange on the shelf or in the empty space above the storage cabinet to maximize freshness.

Amazing hanging plants

This hanging plant becomes a focal point in the room and commands attention. If you like plants or the popular jungle style, you will feel at ease. Adjust the plant's height so that it does not interfere with your activities.

Hanging plants as a curtain

Plants placed on the windowsill not only provide adequate sunlight for the plants, but also provide shade to the room. Use trailing plants with your hanging plants to make them look like new and unique curtains.

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